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Meeting Our Customers Face to Face for over 50 Years

Dee Sign was purchased in 1967 by Bob and Paul Huenefeld. It was their idea to take a local screen printer and turn it into a national supplier of yard signs. Their goal was to use direct mail as a way to create product and brand awareness, and combine it with the grass roots effort of showing up at state REALTORS® association shows so that customers could touch and feel the products the company offered.

The concept of combining a national direct mail catalog in conjunction with attending the NAR show jump-started the company's sales in 1968. This show was joined by many state association shows as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, and many more. In those early years, Bob was joined by his wife Marie, and sons Brad and Kirk on these trips.

Airplanes were not an option that fit the budget for this type of family travel, so they all piled into the family station wagon and drove to their convention destinations. This was in the day before video games or in-car DVD's, so the family entertained themselves by playing 20 Questions, I Spy, or at night "Beetle or Bug" was a favorite.

Today, Brad Huenefeld is the President of Dee Sign, and his mother Marie still attends some of the conventions throughout the country to make sure the customers realize that Dee Sign has not forgotten that it's growth is attributed to the original grass roots efforts to get customers to realize the savings and product quality that Dee Sign has to offer.

Dee Sign attends over 80 conventions a year in order to maintain that "touch, feel, and try" sales effort that has allowed the company to grow to service over 100,000 customers nationwide.

1968 catalog
Our initial direct mail catalog to
Independent Realtors®
(Fall 1968)
1973 Bob and Marie Huenefeld
Dee Sign co-founder
Bob Huenefeld and wife, Marie
from direct mail brochure 1973
Bob and Marie Huenefeld at National Association of Realtors
Brad and Marie Huenefeld at a
National Association of Realtors®
DeeSign History Alana Fugnetti
Alana Fugnetti at the San Diego
Association of Realtors®
Short Sale Summit.
DeeSign History Wagon
Due to excessive mileage, more than one generation of station
wagon was necessary.
History Brad and Kirk Huenefeld
Brad and brother Kirk
enjoy a refreshment during
a break in the schedule...

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